Is a dream just a dream? Perhaps our dreams are trying to tell us something important. or even to predict the future?

Allan castle may be one of the world’s most creative story tellers and publishers.

Giving a voice to imagination and a unique vision. Publishing Fiction, nonfiction and art books.

Everyone dreams, but some dreams are important and must be written down, distributed to the world and preserved. For many years, books have always been the way to show our dreams to the world. Dreams about creating things, a more peaceful or sometimes violent world, stories that entertain us and much more.

I want there to be something special about the books I publish. Too many books, just like movies and TV shows just repeat the same old stuff. They can be fun, but the best books are unconventional, surprising and sometimes even shocking.

Because I value imagination, I am presenting my first two books for your viewing. The fist, a novel and second, my fine art photography. Both are new genres and I hope you enjoy them.

Are you are an author? Do you want to submit your book? Send an email with a short summary, a few photos (if it is an art book) and tell me why you think my readers would buy your book.

Allan Castle