Vintage photo

Vintage black and white photo, sepia toned

It was a pleasure working with Bettie. She is very involved in a vintage lifestyle. She has vintage fashions and understands how to style her hair for a 1940s or 1950s look. Here she is being a 1950s waitress.  Can you imagine her on roller skates coming out to your car, like the TV show Happy Days?

It's a deceptively simple photo.  But the lighting has to be right and flattering.  A few scratches and a round, old TV style border, round out the photo.  Also helpful are the artificial eyelashes and heavier lipstick and eyelashes for makeup.

Vintage photos are so fun to take and help you stand out from the countless Selfies and snapshots most people show on Instagram and Facebook. And my clients find they are not that difficult to create.  Often all you need is an outfit from the thrift store or a simple prop like a hat. And you need a talented photographer to help you turn your ideas and fantasies into real pictures.