Valentine's Day Photos

Boudoir Photo for Valentine's Day

Every year, especially after New Years Day, I get calls about boudoir photography. What is it and how does my studio differ than the other photographers in Colorado?

Many women (and some men) want a personal gift for Valentine's Day. Boudoir photography usually means photos taken in lingerie. However, I think the term boudoir can be more flexible. Perhaps your idea of boudoir is sexy or glamorous.  Maybe soft or romantic. You might want to wear lingerie or a sexy dress or anything seductive.  Maybe it means a classic Vargas style pinup photo. It can also mean topless or nude photos. 

Many photographers like the idea of creating boudoir photos, but unfortunately a lot of them are not great at the posing and retouching and all the other aspects of these kinds of photos. Most women need a little help to feel comfortable, have fun, pick the most flattering wardrobe and then they need a talented photographer to do the ultimate retouching to give you that almost perfect look.

What we do is a little different at Allan's studio. You determine what you want.  We usually add the backgrounds in later. You can have almost any color, style or look from soft to dramatic black and white.  

We offer the ultimate in retouching. We not only completely retouch your face, but also everything else. We can enhance almost any feature, including your bust, remove stretch marks, reduce your weight and more. 

Until Feb 5, 2018 we are offering a 40% off special on all our portraits.  Please call Allan at  303-743-0616 to discuss your session and book your appointment.