Unique fashion images for models and those that want dramatic photographs

close up portrait

I like to experiment.  It's a key to growing and creating new work.  Sometimes the work is great and sometimes it is not so great. It's subjective. But you learn from doing something new and seeing the result. And even if it does not work, you may be able to incorporate some new techniques into your work. 

Some of my clients have been working with me for years. They know me and trust me and doing something different allows my clients to be more creative too.  Perhaps they got a new outfit or hat and want to take photos that show their new style.  Or surprise their family and friends with new photos.

I will often get a call, "can we do a picture like the new style?" They tell me they want something very contemporary, sexy, or artistic, etc. 

This photo was created using several unusual techniques, all together. Three different types of lighting, including flash, florescent and tungsten.  The exposure was unusual too. And how I worked with this client was a little different.  A little more spontaneous. We had a great time taking the photos.

Of course this picture may not be right for you. That is fine. That's why I recommend that you talk with me and tell me what you want. I offer a free consultation, on the phone or in person to plan your pictures. Then I can help pick the right tools to create the perfect photo for you.