flower in hair

How to plan a vintage photo session

Vintage photo with flower

Are you interested in having  vintage photos created.  Something classy, timeless and fun.  We create these sessions to make you look great and produce art that has a feeling of the classic photos 

How do you create a vintage look?  Start with your clothing.  You (or your mom) may have some some great dresses hanging in the closet.  Or perhaps you can get them from a consignment store or vintage clothing store.  

Add simple jewelry like this necklace, a flower in your hair and a little hair styling and simple makeup and you are all set.

I, the photographer will help you coordinate the photos.  Most vintage pictures have a soft, natural feeling and lighting that is very flattering to your face and skin.  Add a simple border, minimal retouching and you have  a photo that could pass for one taken in the 1950s!