Special Effects - Visual Effects

Colorful wild fashion boudoir portrait

This fine art portrait is composed of several pictures and effects to achieve this wild colorful photo.  It takes several hours to several days complete a photo like this. 

First the photo is taken with the end result in mind. Lighting, color, camera settings and exposure must be set up correctly so that when the photo is brought into Photoshop it is easy to work with.

Second. I start adding layers and effects to the picture.  Sometimes I will create up to 6 or 8 versions to try out different looks and see what works best.  

Third. I often come back to the photo a few days, months or even years later. It is helpful to be able to look at my photos more objectively. Also, although I have been working with Photoshop for many years (from Photoshop 3), I keep adding new tricks and experience new insights.  So sometimes I will be able to create something that I was not able to create before.

Four. When I am finally satisfied, I then create versions to show art collectors, post on social media, etc.

If you are interested in purchasing this photo or using this photo for ads, a record or book cover or for other uses please contact me for more information.