Remembering Helmut Newton

Photographic Image by master photographer Helmut Newton. 

Most photographers are influenced by pictures they have seen.  For some it may be a great picture of Africa in National Geographic or the beautiful homes in Architectural Digest.

I remember the raw emotions and creativity of photos from controversial photographer Helmut Newton.  He brought real life, sex and a totally unforgettable new look to fashion photography. Author of many books, photo layouts in magazines like Playboy and Vogue, calendars and work with top models and fashion and advertising companies. 

Nicknamed the "King of Kink" for his daring work, his influence still reaches from Terry Richardson to Steven Klein.  Most photographers merely copy trendy photographers who are just copying other photographers.  It can be a incestuous business.  Helmut Newton was an original.  

I believe we will experience a resurrection of "real" photography in the next few years.  Some have returned to film.  Others, including myself, are limiting or eliminating retouching and showing women the way God made them.  Beautiful and powerful in their flaws.