New creative style in fashion and portrait photography

Jessi with flower heart

Not much has changed in the fashion and portrait business. Many photographers are creating images the way they have been created for 100 years.  Just using different tools (digital cameras). 

Well, there are so many challenges and I've decided to push the limits. Sometimes using film, sometimes a professional digital camera and occasionally a phone. What ever tool helps me to create the vision of the picture I have in my mind.  

Creating a memorable and emotional experience for the viewer is the key. One thing I noticed is the emphasis on the sharpest pictures does not usually mean the best pictures. People move around (a lot) and we never caught people with flash strobes years ago.  A lot of authentic, real pictures have a little bit of blur or are expressionistic. It's the way we really see the world.

Creativity never ends. There are always new pictures and ideas to created. Keep an eye on my website and blog for the latest pictures.Allan