Men's portraits

Male fashion portrait

Although I am well known for my portraits of women, I also love working with men. Men can be very creative in taking photos and also express a dramatic side in their photographs. There is also a freedom that I, as a photographer, have in working with men.

Since most people do not expect the same perfection in a man's photo, that allows me to use more dramatic lighting, rougher locations and to occasionally show a crumpled shirt or other imperfections in the photos. Pictures can be more realistic with only minor retouching.  That means men can be "real" in pictures.  You expect them to be rugged, strong and it's ok if they have a crooked smile or a few lines on their face.

It used to be that 90% of my clients were women, but in the last few years, I have received more calls from men also wanting great pictures. Men need the photos for social media, business profiles and websites and also for their friends and family.  And more men are hanging great portraits on their walls in their homes and offices.