Headshot, classic black and white photo

Classic Headshot of male model, taken with 4x5 film camera.

Classic Headshot of male model, taken with 4x5 film camera.

Simple, elegant, traditional photo taken in the studio with a large format 4x5 film camera.  Great for Instagram, Facebook and social media. Also for dating sites, web uses and more. Because this was photographed on large format film (16 time the area of 35mm), it can also be used to create wall sized portraits for display at a home or office, trade show booth, book cover and more.

Black and white film is so classic and makes everyone look great. The same shot done digitally is very harsh and unflattering. Even though the digital version is less sharp, it shows more skin flaws and problems.  The large film camera "smooths" out skin and gives a natural appearance. 

Film also gives a different look to the picture. More authentic, real and believable. Not the fake and heavily Photoshop retouching we see so much today.

It's amazing that so many people have decided that digital capturing of photos, music, movies, etc. are often artificial and lack soul. Too much compression is applied (to save storage space) that filters out the highest highs in music and adds a dullness in photographs and movies. 

If this is true, why is it so common? There are reasons many have switched to digital. Cost is a major factor.  No more film, developing, simple storage. A photographer can save hundreds of dollars on a wedding or portrait session, but still charge you more money for the end product.

It also allows new photographers to take "usuable" pictures. They do not have to know photographic technique, but can merely put the camera on auto and snap the shutter button.  Then check the picture to see if it is good enough. Not necessarily the best photo or the most artistic photo.  

I recommend that many of my clients use film. They are often started at the depth of the pictures, flattering skin tones and classic good looks.