Fun Multiple Exposure Photography

Multiple Double Exposure of Neon Bar Sign in Colorado

While most of the photos I write about are portraits or fashion photos, I also take pictures for fun. Neon is one of the most interesting things to photograph. It has beautiful color and a special glow. Years ago neon was everywhere.  Now neon lighting is fading due to cheaper, energy-efficient LED bulbs.  But for years, many people went to Las Vegas to see the incredible neon signs at the casinos at night and you can still see neon signs at many older restaurants, buildings and in people's home as decoration and art. 

Denver, like most major cities has some great areas to photograph, such as downtown, the mountains, old fashioned cities like Estes Park and more. This was taken at the Outpost Bar in Denver. It has been there for many years and was even recently used as a location for a TV commercial.  

This photo involves several photographic techniques. Including double exposure, zooming the lens and has some very minor Photoshop work to bring out the colors and darken the borders of the picture.