The best and simplest way to order your portrait photographs.

The steps to getting great pictures.

The steps to getting great pictures.

Simple and easy for you.  This is how do we work? 

1. We arrange an in-person or on-the-phone consultation to discuss your needs, artistic preferences, go over clothing choices, answer your questions, etc.

2. The photo session takes about 45 minutes to an hour.  Typically we photograph two different outfits.  We will help pose you, adjust the lighting to flatter your face and figure and then take carefully crafted photographs.  Unlike inexperienced photographers, we do not need hours of your time or to take hundreds or even thousands of pictures to create the perfect image for you.

3. After the photo session, we will set up a date for you to return to see paper proofs.  We strongly recommend you return to see the pictures in the studio.  At your viewing we will help advise you on proper sizes, printing options, etc.  If you cannot return for the viewing, we will make arrangements to mail your proofs to you (a different fee schedule applies for these services, please ask for information before your photo session.)

4. The viewing of your photographs.  You only need 30 or 40 minutes to see and compare the best images.  You are not guessing what the images look like.  The photo proofs are smaller images of the finished product with most of the retouching and enhancements completed. After your order, please allow about 1-2 weeks to allow additional enhancements, printing and deliver to you.  Some finishes take a little longer.

I have been asked about why I use paper proofs, instead of digital proofs. I have heard so many complaints about digital proofing from clients.  The pictures are too small, hard to compare to each other and often the final product (usually a print for display) does not look like the digital proof.

Then why do so many photographers show you the pictures on a computer screen or set up an online gallery?  It's simple. It saves the photographer money and time. Allan Castle spends hours enhancing the photos after your photo session.  He does not show you unfinished work. Then the photos are professionally printed (another cost for Allan)  And then, because you are looking at actual photos, you can clearly see what the photographs you order will look like and can easily pick the best images.  

Also you are not trying to remember what 50 or 100 or more images look like that you see on a computer monitor for a few seconds each.  I have heard stories of portrait clients, at other studios, spending two or even three hours or more viewing hundreds of pictures.  Then they give up and often buy a bunch of inferior images, because they can't decide on the best ones.

Because I use film, I am often asked how my clients may get digital copies of the images. I scan almost all the images.  So you can have fine film quality, but can also have images that may be viewed on your phone or in social media, etc..  With any order of a 16 x 20 print (or larger), you get digital images ready sized for use on Facebook, Instagram, use on your webpage or phone, etc. This is complimentary.  With smaller sizes, there is a reasonable fee for digital file.

If you are interested in a photo session, please call Allan to set up a consultation and discuss your photographs.