Alternative models for fashion photography

Alternative fashion model

Fashion has relied on tall, thin models for many years. Ask any modeling agency and they usually say female models should be about 5-9 or taller, very thin, often white, mostly young and have classic features.

But a new type of model is making some headway into the fashion world.  Alternative models may have tattoos, be white or models of color, and have unique features and hair (or no hair!). Sometimes they are the most interesting models to photograph.  

Yet, I think that a different more dramatic approach is often required to get the best pictures of these models.  Sometimes it's dramatic lighting, like you see here.  Or it might be the props used, the background, etc.

I hope this trends continues. Many women and men, would like to see more diversity in race in fashion magazines.  But I think there are so many beautiful women of all races, sizes and types. And beauty can be extreme or soft and gentle.  There is room for every taste and person expression.