Film Photography

Created with 4x5 film camera.  Model is Betty.

Created with 4x5 film camera.  Model is Betty.

Did you think that nobody uses film cameras anymore?  Is film a fad or something better than digial?

I often use film and find it gives me a different rendition of many subjects.  Sharp, yet with character and depth that is different from digital.  Notice the smooth skin tone and soft transitions even in harsh lighting.

Should you request your photo session be done with a film camera?  When I use film, it's for large enlargement and posters.  20 x 24 inches or larger.  Photos can be blown up as big as billboards. However, the difference in smaller prints, like an 8x10 or online is less noticeable.  Also remember that there is no instant feedback on film.  I have years of experience and have a very good idea of the results, when I take the photo. However, it's more difficult for my clients.  You will not know what the picture really looks like for several days.

Also, please be aware, that there are extra fees.  Each negative must be processed, dried, stored and scanned.  I usually do the processing myself, by hand.  

Here is a secret, part of why this photo looks good.  It was created with a 4x5 large format camera.  This is the kind of camera where the photographer, looks at the image, upside down and reversed, on the ground glass.  This is a professional camera giving a negative of 4 inches by 5 inches.  Compare this to 1x1.5 inches of a negative for a 35mm film or dSLR camera.  14 times the area to capture subtle tones.  

Because of the nature of the camera, each picture takes several seconds to take and you, as the subject, must remain fairly still, while the photographer focuses and adjusts the camera.  This is not a camera to use for action or impatient clients, like children.  Due to the slowness of using the camera and the expense and time involved, Allan typically takes about 8 photographs in a session.

Also film is composed of several layers. These tend to blend together and produce an "organic" effect, compared to a single layer for almost all digital sensors. 

If you are considering film, ask Allan to explain the differences and what's involved in the photo session and pricing.