Pricing and other information


Are you artistic?  Allan is very artistic and offer pinup, boudoir and glamour photos.

Our clients demand unique, special portraits that are exciting, extremely flattering and attention getting. Allan Castle creates portraits inspired by the great masters of pinup photography. 

Photo session fee: $100. Photos, digital files, etc. are not included and packages start at $99.

Here is what is included in your session. Allan spends hours on each assignment to create your images.

1. At your photo session, we take carefully composed images, often using special backgrounds and flattering lighting. Our goal to create extremely high quality images.

2.  After your session, Allan reviews all the photos and picks several to work his magic on. The best images will receive full retouching and enhancements. He may "cut you out" of the background, add a new background, overlay images, airbrush your face and body, etc.

3. Typically, we request that you return to the studio, about a week after your photo session for the unveiling and viewing of images. Allan will show you the best images.  These are finished images, so you are not guessing what the finished images will look like.

4. We offer traditional prints as well as canvas, photos that are infused into metal and also printed on acrylic and fine art papers. After you place your order, please allow one to two weeks for traditional prints to be made. Other services such as metal prints and other fine art surfaces may take longer. Faster service times may be available, at an extra fee.  Ask for details.

5. Please call us so we can find out what you want, go over pricing and schedule your photo session.

Investment: due to the unique process used by Allan Castle to create your images, he only accepts a few clients per month. Your investment, for Allan to create your pictures, retouch several images and meet with you for a one hour review of the photos is only $100. Basic package starts at $99.  However, most of our clients invest $300 to $1000, including adding extra prints or for canvas and other fine art printing.  Your basic fee of $100 for the photo session is is required when setting an appointment. 

Most of our clients request printed images, that show the full beauty of the photographs, in large sizes for framing. We do offer digital images for purchase too.

The pricing listed is for use of the photos in a non-commercial manner. If you plan to use the photos for advertising, billboards or any commercial use, please let us know so we can quote appropriate rates.