You Can Look Beautiful, Sexy and Glamorous in Pictures

Do you want to?

  • Look 10 or even 20 years younger?
  • Have perfectly smooth skin in your pictures?
  • Be 10, 20 or even 30 pounds lighter in the photos?
  • Eliminate your "faults" that embrasses you and keeps you from showing your friends your pictures.
  • Feel like a model or celebrity?
  • Feel real self confidence that comes from seeing a near perfect you in pictures, that you will treasure for years.

Luxury retouching.  Allan softened skin, enhanced eyes, fixed stray and uneven hairs, lightened dark areas of skin and hair, improved color, added a soft romantic glow to the photograph and then made a custom black and white photo too! 

What we do:   It's easy, fun, creative and makes you look & feel great.

1. In about an hour photo session, Allan takes about 40-60 photos of you in two-three outfits.  You get to pose like a fashion model, try different poses and expressions and create great pictures.

2. After the photo session, Allan will pick the best photos and retouch them.  Everything from skin smoothing, removing blemishes, taking out stray hair, to making you look thinner.  It's like cosmetic surgery, but better and without the pain and expense.

3. He may take a few pictures and even change the background and apply special effects.

4. In a few days, you will come by the studio to see the pictures.  Using special software, you can easily compare 2 or more photos, see different effects and even view the photos in black and white. 

5. There is no high pressure sales and no minimum purchase or packages required.  

Rediscover the self confidence that comes from being gorgeous.  Capture the feeling, in outstanding photographs, you will enjoy for years to come.

Regardless of your age or size, you deserve to look great, even as perfect as possible, in your pictures.  Allan Castle will use his experience photographing professional models to transform you.  You won't believe how good you can look.