Get all your pictures in minutes for only $129



  2. PRICE INCLUDES 45 MINUTE PHOTO SESSION and almost instant viewing & delivery.

  3. FANTASTIC portraits

  4. Great boudoir photos

  5. Appealing pictures for DATING SITES

  6. business shots for linkedkin, facebook and websites.

I designed a photo session that works for 90% of my clients, saves them a tremendous amount of money and makes my business so much easier and less stressful. 

What you do. It's simple. 

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Question and Answers:

How much time is allowed for the photos? I allow about 45 minutes to 1 hour. It's plenty of time for two outfits for two different looks.  Then allow me about 15 or 20 minutes to view, edit and get ready to show your photos.  A few minutes later I will have a CD ready for you with the photos. If you prefer I can email them to you later. NO high pressure sales. You get all the photos. 

How many photos do you take? Typically about 40 or 50. Enough to get several excellent shots. 

Why do I pay in advance? Unfortunately I have had some people schedule 2 or even 3 appointments and cancel them all. I only have limited openings available. If you cannot be at your appointment, please call as soon as possible. We will reschedule you one time. No refunds are given.

Are there any limitations? A few simple ones. If there is time, we do some minor touch-ups (lighten lines under the eyes, remove a blemish or two, etc.) on 2 or 3 pictures that are your favorites. We do apply some softening and effects to most boudoir and romantic photos to give a soft glamorous glow. 

Photos are taken in our studio. Photos may be created at your home, office or other location at an additional fee. 

If you want some of our unique effects, to have photos cut-out and new backgrounds put in or want composite pictures (where several pictures are combined into one photo) they may be available at an additional fee. 

You must be on time.  We recommend that you show up 15 minutes early. We book new clients every 1.5 to 2 hours. If you are late, you may have a shorter photo session or be asked to come back on another day. 

Other things to note: the photos are for personal use or local business use. If you are planning on using them in a magazine, advertising, record cover, etc. or other commercial use, please ask for the rates. 

Can I get other products or services? Sure. We also offer prints, longer photo sessions, location pictures, etc. Just ask for information. There is no obligation to order other services. 

Why are you doing this? You mean, practically giving the photos away? Because I am tired of spending so many hours every week, selling images to my clients, uploading images to galleries, preparing elaborate presentations for my clients, collecting money, driving to and from the photo lab, etc.  I was not doing the fun and creative stuff. Taking photos. And all that time had to be accounted for and paid for by my clients (you). Making it simple brings back the fun and also keeps the price down for you. It also allows me to work with more clients.