Allan loves creating photographs the old-fashioned way. Using analogue cameras and real film. Allan capture the essence and soul and create an image that will be admired and last for generations. Allan is willing to spend the immense time and money needed to shoot film, hand process the negatives and create a finish photograph.

No hassle - Easy viewing and ordering

A few days after the photo session, you will return to the studio for a few minutes. Allan will show you the best images. We make traditional proof prints.  No more confusion on which are the best pictures or seeing too many pictures on a computer screen and guessing what they will look like as prints.  There is no minimum order, order what you like. If you need assistance, Allan can help you compare the pictures, make suggestions and place your order.  Most clients view the pictures and place an order in under 30 minutes.

Most orders are completed in about one to two weeks (from the time of your order). For some prints on more exotic surfaces (such as metal, acrylic, etc.) there may be additional time required.

What is available?

We specialize in fine quality art prints for display in your home, a gallery or your office and business.  Prints are available on a variety of surfaces from traditional surfaces to canvas and fine art papers, acrylic  and images infused into metal. We have a variety of sizes available for you and for gifts. Digital images, for use on Facebook, Instagram, etc. are included with the purchase of most prints. 




Time is needed to create film images, develop the film, scan negatives, make high quality proof prints and the other factors going into create fine art images.

Our creation fee is $175. This covers the times and expense of creating the images and is non-returnable. Prints start at $99.  To give you some guidance, most clients invest $500 or more for photography and prints.  We will supply complete pricing before your photo session.