Simple Pricing

$399 - Our Standard Package includes everything you need.

  • No hidden charges. No high pressure sales. No need to revisit the studio to see photos or pick up pictures.

  • Free WEB GALLERY with your session. (on-line for 9 months). You get at least 5 or more completely retouched photos. And at least 20+ other images.  Free unlimited downloads so you can print the photos yourself.                

  • Show the pictures to all your friends & family 

  • No requirement to buy any pictures or products.  It's optional.

  • Feel real self confidence - see a near perfect you in pictures,  that you will treasure for years.  

Basic Package $399. Imagine getting 25 digital images* with the 5 best images fully enhanced and retouched for a simple no-pressure price.  We usually create about 40 images in a 45 minute to 1 hour photo session. This includes taking photos in 2 outfits at our studio.  

Although 90% of our clients are happy with our studio package, we can also create photos at your home, a hotel or other location. Need additional time? Have special requests? We can customize the photo session to meet your needs.  Please call for information and pricing.  

No Hassle

Unlike most other studios you don't have to wait weeks to get images or order overpriced prints from the photographer. We supply high resolution images that make gorgeous prints up to 16x24 inches. They also look great on your phone, Facebook, Instagram, your TV, computer and more.

We usually choose the best images to retouch. You do not need to come back to view them, although you may arrange a reveal session to see proofs, if you like.

Typically you will receive the images in about 5-7 working days.  It may take longer during holidays and busier seasons.


Do you need feedback on the pictures or would you prefer for us to print the photos for you? It's totally optional, but we can do it all and help you as much as possible. Just let us know. We know how to optimize digital files to get the best results and can handle the details for you.  

Do you show my images on your website or anywhere else? No. Some of our clients and models have allowed us to use their images. We will never use your images on our website or for other uses, without your ok in writing. 

A non-refundable deposit is required to set up an appointment for your photo session. You may reschedule your appointment one time, please give us as much notice as possible. 

Other Information