Allan Castle Photography

Allan Castle is a Denver photographer creating fine art, fashionable portraits with a classic feeling. He often uses film and antique cameras to create beautiful images.

Images for discerning portrait clients and fine art companies.

Before and after of black model.

Ready for the spotlight. Get your jewelry, makeup and fashions together for a beautiful portrait session by Allan Castle.

Do you wonder how the models in magazines all look so beautiful?  How is it that stars remain so young, even if you know they are 40, 50 or 60 years old.  

Here is a before and after of a young, black model.  Look at her skin, hair, makeup. Looks great. It has that glow and sparkle.  It took over 1 hour to retouch.

After you are done, look at the bottom picture. Skin a little rough, makeup color is off. And the photo looks a little flat and lifeless.

Maybe you want to enhance your appearance. Don't be embarrassed to show your friends and family your pictures.  We can do the same work for your pictures and portraits, that we create for models and advertising photographs.  So you look your best.

AFTER.  The finished image.  See the before image below.

AFTER.  The finished image.  See the before image below.

Allan is one of the top Photoshop artists in Colorado (and maybe the country.)

BEFORE.  See the after image above.

BEFORE.  See the after image above.

Photographer Allan Castle creates provocative images you will remember. Please contact us for information on featuring Mr. Castle or his work or to commission Allan for a project or assignment.