Allan Castle Creates unique, Fine Art Images.

Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others.  Jonathan Swift

I see photos in my dreams. I believe it is my destiny to create beautiful photos. Photos no one can create or see in their dreams.

Photography is not just a business for me. It is a exciting and spiritual experience.  The kind of experience you have when time stops or slows down and you can see everything. Like a lucid dream or vision.

My many years of taking photos have involved using many tools and techniques, but I feel most of my best work is creating photos of people. Making the photo match my vision, as much as possible. Creating a dream picture. Capturing something of the soul of a person. Their essence and the gaze of their eyes and emotions.

I want my photos to make you say "WOW".  That no one else could have created exactly that photo. That the picture is a important keepsake. A work of art, not just a snapshot. Many of my pictures are surrealistic or IMPRESSIONISTIC looking images.  They do not need to sharply show every line and blemish on a person's face. More like a master painting or artist's illustration.

Photos should have an ORGANIC look. When you see a person, across from you at lunch, you do not see every skin pore and blemish. Photos should be more like watching a old silent movie or viewing great photographs of the past 100 plus years. It is like seeing your grandparent's photo album and hearing the stories of how they grew up and lived.  The stories they told at the dinner table.

Allan's photography services are meant for sophisticated clients who desire unique fine art photographs. If you want to capture timeless beauty, please contact Allan for more information and to reserve your time for the photo session or to buy fine art prints.

More information:

Allan has over 30 years of experience and has extensive credits.

Publications, his work as appeared in and companies he has completed assignments for include (partial list):

Celebrity Society Magazine (Beverly Hills)

TV Guide

New Beauty Magazine


The Los Angeles Times

Beverly Hills 213

Kohl's Department Store

Pacific Sunwar

KHJ-TV (Metromedia Entertainment)

Shape Magazine

Abba Hair Products

Law firms including Dorsey and Whitney and many more.

University of Colorado, Health Sciences Department

And many other companies, magazines, newspapers and websites, internationally.

Allan is honored to have worked with Mr. William Travilla.  Mr. Travilla was one of Hollywood's best know costume designers and designed gowns for eleven of Marilyn Monroe's motion pictures and won an Emmy for his work in TV.