Allan castle creates sophisticated, classic and elegant portraits, fashion photos and still life images.

Allan is primarily a film photographer using large format cameras. Images he creates are inspired by the great master, classic photographers, Cecil Beaton, Horst P. Horst, George Hurrell and other artists from the first half of the 20th century. The influence of these artists are still seen, years later, in modern culture.

While most images of today are temporary and even disposable, great photographers attempt to create timeless images. Images meant to be displayed in your home, office or art gallery. Much like fine paintings are displayed for many years and give inspiration and pleasure.

Great images require a commitment of time, expert craftsmanship and expense to allow creativity to express itself. Allan often spends hours or even days to create a single image, including photography, developing film, enhancements to images and the fine art printing of images.

This is a time consuming and unique process, depending on the skill, experience and creativity of the photographer.

Compare this to the commodity of digital picture making where everyone can create an image, run it though a Instagram filter and create a picture that looks the same as millions of other images. Some of these people even claim to be real photographers.  

Allan's photography services are meant for sophisticated clients who desire a unique, handmade print.  If you want to capture timeless beauty, please contact Allan for more information and to reserve your time for a classic photo session.

More information:

Allan has over 30 years of experience and has extensive credits.

Publications, his work as appeared in and companies he has completed assignments for include (partial list) :

Celebrity Society Magazine (Beverly Hills)

TV Guide

New Beauty Magazine


The Los Angeles Times

Beverly Hills 213

Kohl's Department Store

Pacific Sunwar

KHJ-TV (Metromedia Entertainment)

Shape Magazine

Abba Hair Products

Law firms including Dorsey and Whitney and many more.

University of Colorado, Health Sciences Department

And many other companies, magazines, newspapers and websites, internationally.

Allan is honored to have worked with Mr. William Travilla.  Mr. Travilla was one of Hollywood's best know costume designers and designed gowns for eleven of Marilyn Monroe's motion pictures and won an Emmy for his work in TV.